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WHO will be the Ultimate Giant?

The Marion High School Alumni Association is inviting all Marion High School alumni and friends to get involved with this exciting competition! The Ultimate Giant is part fundraiser, part spirit game, part history lesson … and all FUN. And it’s all in the name of a GIANT cause: to support Giants of today and tomorrow and provide the best opportunities in academics, arts and athletics.

Here’s the thing: Everyone who participates wins, because our school and our community wins! But only one Marion High School graduate will be named the Ultimate Giant. Only one graduating class will earn the title of Ultimate Giant Class. And only one decade will be declared the Ultimate Giant Decade. That’s where the competition comes in. YOU can make a difference today and long into the future!

The competition officially starts Nov. 1, 2015. There are lots of ways to win, so click here to learn more!

>> Week One update: The Giants are doing big things ... but there's still a long way to go! Are YOU in the game yet?

Giant Dreams: How you can help

When kids have GIANT dreams, it's important to find ways to facilitate those dreams! Take a look at our GIANT vision for opportunity, growth, achievement, and success in school and beyond (and consider how YOU might help facilitate our students' dreams). Click the links below:

~ Endowed Fund for Academics
~ Endowed Fund for Arts 
~ Endowed Fund for Athletics

To take a look at specific needs you can meet, check out our Giant Wishlist:
~ Arts needs

Athletics needs
~ Education needs
~ Facilities needs

Marion High School Alumni Association works in conjunction with Marion Community Schools to link donors with needs of current MCS students and staff. When donors earmark their gift for a specific purpose such as this, MHSAA passes the donation on to MCS at the donor’s request. The Marion High School Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations to the organization are tax deductible. Thank you for your willingness to help meet the needs of current and future GIANTS! Click the links above for more information.