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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion Community Schools invites you to attend an upcoming community event that helps some of our families in need.

Help the Hopeful assists local children with medical challenges and their families, and has raised nearly $2.4 million to help about 220 children over the past 26 years. Many of the children helped are students of Marion Community Schools, and we are grateful to the continuing efforts of Help the Hopeful, and its leader Jay Yeakle, MHS alum and local businessman, who was recognized as February Champion of the Month by the City of Marion for his work with Help the Hopeful.

The help provided to these families enables them to travel with their children as they receive medical treatment at specialized pediatric units elsewhere in the state, such as Riley Children’s Hospital and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, and helps them with other expenses related to the demands of getting their children appropriate care and services.

Now, you have the chance to contribute to this effort that changes the lives of families in our community. Help the Hopeful’s annual fundraising auction is coming up at 1 p.m. March 3 at the gymnasium at St. Paul Catholic School, 1031 Kem Road, Marion. Help the Hopeful distributes 100 percent of the proceeds to families in need.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News A Marion Community Schools bus was near the scene of a bicycle crash yesterday afternoon. The Marion Police Department has issued the following statement, verifying the bus was not involved in the crash:

The text of the release is copied below:

Marion Police Department

Media Release

Release Date: February 15, 2018

On February 14, 2018 at approximately 4:21 pm, The Marion Police Department responded to 4th & Baldwin Avenue for a reported bicyclist crash in front of a bus. Upon arrival officers made contact with the bicyclist Danny Trosper II, age 18 of Marion on the northeast corner of the intersection.

Officers were advised that perhaps a school bus (Marion Community Schools, bus 98) was involved, and that the bus was heading east on SR18.

Officers were able to locate the bus, and spoke with the bus driver Tamera Brown. Brown reported that a bicycle rider drove in front of her bus rather quickly and hit a curb rather hard wrecking onto the sidewalk.

Brown advised that her bus didn’t make contact with the bicyclist. Brown advised that due to her bus not making contact with the bicyclist, and the fact that her bus causing a traffic jam – she then continued on with her bus route.

Officers then walked around the bus to check for any possible damage. The exterior of the bus was dirty and wet due to the street conditions. Officers found no smudge marks or damage to the bus.

The bicyclist Danny Trosper II was seen by medical personnel on scene and transported to Marion General Hospital due to road rash to his right shoulder, a nose injury and a bump on his forehead.

Three witnesses reported that they didn’t see any contact between the bicyclist and the bus, however they did see the bicyclist on the ground by the curb.

Trosper was unable to give officers details of the incident. He received medical treatment, and was released from Marion General Hospital at approximately 9:00 pm.

Submitted by:
Deputy Chief Stephen D. Dorsey
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News WHAT: “And in This Corner: Cassius Clay”, this year’s MHS Black History Club play

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018

WHERE: Walton Performing Arts Center, Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St.

COST: $7

MARION — You know the story of Muhammad Ali, but do you know the story that came before? Later this month, you’ll have the chance to explore the famous icon’s early years, in the Marion High School Black History Club’s presentation of “And in This Corner: Cassius Clay”.

The play is set for 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24, at the Walton Center at Marion High School.

“And in This Corner” was written by Idris Goodwin, a contemporary playwright who has won many awards and accolades for his work. This vibrant historical drama focuses on the iconic boxer’s early life in Jim Crow-era Louisville, Ky. In it, Cassius Clay Jr. takes his first step into the ring and starts becoming the man would know as Muhammad Ali. It’s a classic story of an unlikely hero, but it also explores how remarkable communities help to create heroes.

The main actors in the play include brothers Jalen and Jordan Hill, a freshman and a senior, respectively, who play Cassius Clay in different stages of his life. Other cast members include Taliea Wells, senior, who is playing Clay’s mother, Odessa; Brett Cope, senior, playing Joe Martin, Clay’s trainer; James Bell, a junior, playing Eddie Green, Cassius’ best friend; Manual Davis, senior, playing Corky Baker, a neighborhood bully; along with seniors Kaleb Evans, Jacob Speikes, Jalon Spurgon, Joseph O’Donnell, Maria Porter, and Toosie Jackson, along with sophomore Darzuan Weaver.

In addition, several members of the Marching Giants will be performing in a parade for the play.

The cast also includes a wide range of ages, from a second-grader to adults in the community, among 25 extras adding life to the play.

The MHS Black History Club has put on a play every year since 1980. The play is the largest fundraiser of the year for the club, and proceeds help fund their annual spring college tour to historically black colleges and universities. This year’s trip is to the Atlanta area.

Tickets can be purchased from any Black History Club member or from Bobbie Owensby, MHS teacher and sponsor of the club, as well as director of the play. They will also be available at the door the night of the play.

Anyone who wants to donate to the spring college trip or help in any other way can contact Mrs. Owensby as well, by calling her at the high school, 664-9051, ext. 3234.

>> Click here to RSVP on our Facebook event page and get reminders about the play
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Dozens of Marion Community Schools students competed in the annual ISSMA Solo & Ensemble competitions over the past two weekends, and the majority brought home top ratings for their performances. In addition, several Marion High School students have advanced to the state level competition later this month.

Each year, the Indiana State School Music Association puts on regional and state level Solo & Ensemble competitions for instrumentalists and for vocalists and pianists. This year, instrumental regional competitions were held on Jan. 27, and vocal/piano competitions were held Feb. 3. Several Marion High School instrumentalists and vocalists advanced to the state level vocal competition, which is set for Feb. 17.

Marion Community Schools congratulates these students on their great accomplishments, and expresses gratitude to the teachers who work every day to help these students develop their talent and skills.

Here’s a look at the young Marion musicians who competed recently, and their awards:

Marion High School

Vocal soloists:
  • Mark Evans, sophomore, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Maria Porter, senior, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Kabriel Robinson, sophomore, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Michael Seybold, freshman, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Anna Shigley, sophomore, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Kaitlyn Tu, freshman, Group I gold medal advanced to state
  • Evelyn Detamore, freshman, Group I silver medal
  • John Flowers, sophomore, Group I silver medal
  • Jonathan Walts, junior, Group I silver medal
  • Kaleb Evans, senior, Group I silver medal
  • Myles Kohn, sophomore, Group I silver medal
  • Kennedy Harris, junior, Group I bronze medal
Piano soloists:
  • Tristan Galeon, sophomore, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Carynna Aguila, freshman, Group II gold medal
  • Jackson Vice, freshman, Group II gold medal
Vocal ensembles:
  • Mark Evans, Myles Kohn, and Kabriel Robinson, sophomores, and Saenya Bell, senior, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Tori Daehn, Emily Fannin, Anna Wuertley, freshmen, Group I silver medal
Instrumental soloists:
  • Carynna Aguila, freshman, flute, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Saralena Bergsma, sophomore, flugelhorn, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Soren Bruehler, freshman, trombone, Group I gold medal, advanced to state
  • Jillayne Bass, freshman, alto saxophone, Group I silver medal
  • Takota Russ, freshman, alto saxophone, Group I silver medal
  • Sophie Schenck, junior, trumpet, Group I silver medal
  • Austin Guess, sophomore, alto saxophone, Group II silver medal
  • Abigail Baird, freshman, alto saxophone, Group III silver rating
  • John Flowers, sophomore, marimba, Group III silver medal; and trumpet, Group IV gold medal
Instrumental ensemble:
  • Alto saxophone trio of Navia Cushingberry, Evelyn Detamore, and Takota Russ, Group II gold medal
  • Brass trio of Elizabeth Wuertley, senior, trumpet, Anna Wuertley, freshman, trombone, and Soren Bruehler, freshman, trombone, Group III gold medal
  • Mallet trio of Jackson Vice, Carynna Aguila, and Emma Maki, freshmen, Group III silver medal

McCulloch Junior High School

Vocal soloists:
  • Mia de las Alas, eighth grade, Group II gold medal
  • Cassie Evans, eight grade, Group II gold medal
  • Natalyia McKinney, eighth, Group II gold medal
  • Kaden Rinker, seventh, Gropu III gold medal
  • Jaden Sebastian, eighth, Group III gold medal
Vocal ensembles:
  • Joseph Cheung, Kaytlyn Richard, and Christian Vermilion, seventh graders, Group III gold medal
  • Emily Fisher, Chloe Hawkins, and Shaylee Vermilion, seventh graders, Group III gold medal
  • Mia de las Alas, Marcus Bounds, and Cassie Evans, eighth graders, Group III gold medal
  • Kaylin Burke, Chloe Hawkins, Culeeya Jones, Kaytlyn Richard, and Faith Riggs, seventh graders, and Jaden Sebastian, eighth, Group III gold medal
  • McCulloch Jazz Choir (Joseph Cheung, Joseph Delgado, Brooklyn Evers, Gregg Marble, Zamaria Matherly, Angel Mosier, seventh graders, and Mia de las Alas, D’Qwan Bowers, Cassie Evans, Robert Herrington, Jaden Sebastian, eighth graders), Group III gold medal
  • McCulloch Honors Choir (Danika Ayers, Kaylin Burke, Joseph Cheung, Emily Fisher, Chloe Hawkins, Kaytlyn Richard, Faith Riggs, Kaden Rinker, Eli Robinson, Christian Vermilion, Shaylee Vermilion, seventh graders, and Mia de las Alas, Marcus Bounds, Cassie Evans, Jaden Sebastian, eight graders), Group III gold medal
Instrumental soloists:
  • Kelli Faulkner, seventh grade, clarinet, Group III gold medal
  • Landen Hammond, eighth grade, trumpet, Group III gold medal
  • Libby Miller, seventh grade, alto saxophone, Group III gold medal
  • Kadence Monroe, eighth grade, flute, Group III gold medal
  • John Reynolds, eighth grade, alto saxophone, Group III gold medal
  • Cherokee Russ, seventh grade, alto saxophone, Group III gold medal
  • Makayla Starr, eighth grade, trumpet, Group III gold medal
  • Faith Keaffaber, eighth grade, clarinet, Group III silver medal
  • Chloe Hawkins, seventh grade, flute, Group III silver medal
  • Mario Jimenez, seventh grade, trumpet, Group IV silver medal
Instrumental ensemble:
  • Brass trio of Landen Hammond, Gabe Holland, and Makayla Starr, eighth graders, Group III gold medal
  • Woodwind trio of Genell Horton, Michelle Mellendorf, and Ashli Robbins, eight graders, Group III gold rating
  • Trumpet trio of Nolan Baker, Al Marin, and Tamar Mims, seventh graders, Group IV gold rating
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion Regional Career Center instructor Travis Hueston, who leads MRCC’s information technology program, has been nominated as an ACT College and Career Readiness Champion.
ACT College and Career Readiness Champions personify the mission of ACT through intentional actions that create an atmosphere and culture that promotes college and career readiness for all. The ACT College and Career Readiness K-12 Champion is an individual who has created or led a program that positively impacts their organization and community through improved readiness for college and career opportunities.
“During the past few years, Mr. Hueston designed, developed, and implemented a new information technology program at MRCC,” said Dr. Kristine Condon, a senior member of the IT program’s advisory board. “The curriculum is mapped to specific third-party credentials, such as Microsoft Office Specialist and related products. During the first week of class alone, nearly 30 high school juniors and seniors build and maintain their own computers, network servers, install and maintain hardware and software, and begin the process of earning third-party credentials.” 
Even beyond the hands-on work, though, the students are getting a head start on college. Through a dual credit partnership with Vincennes University, students who complete the program can earn fully transferable college credit.
“In addition,” Condon noted, “Mr. Hueston has developed and maintained meaningful partnerships with area businesses and industries, which provides students with hands-on internship experience and professional soft skill development.”
Many of Hueston’s students are deployed as support technicians within the Marion school district. This saves the district's IT department valuable time and resources and provides the students with invaluable professional experience. In addition, the program recently began public tech assistance hours in partnership with Marion Public Library.
“These applied academic strategies are key tools to preparing students for upper-division and career readiness,” Condon said. “In addition to teaching students about hardware and software logistics, this next generation of IT professionals is developing business-appropriate communications skills and learning the attributes of responsibility, goal-setting, and collaboration with colleagues, customers, and the public. Mr. Hueston has single-handedly crafted and deployed a program that is an exceptional model for other career and technical education programs to follow.”

MRCC's IT program is part of the IBM Academic Initiative, and it is a Microsoft Imagine Academy.
Marion Community Schools congratulates Hueston on this recognition! We are grateful for community partnerships, and for our outstanding faculty members and the opportunities they work hard to provide to our students. ACT is set to announce the College and Career Readiness Champions by April 2.

MRCC's excellent career prep and advanced college opportunities are one of the reasons Marion High School is a state leader in college and career readiness. MRCC programs are available to students from sending schools around the county as well. Anyone interested in taking MRCC classes should talk to their high school counselor or call MRCC for more information, 664-9091.