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State releases ISTEP+ scores despite concerns over validity, fairness

We've gathered lots of information, links, and data for you to put the recently released ISTEP+ scores into perspective: Click here to learn more. Thank you for your continued support of MCS!

YOU'RE INVITED: Kick off summer with the Little Feet Meet

Posted on May. 05 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Marion Community Schools' Young Champions program invites families to kick off the summer season with us at the Little Feet Meet on Saturday, May 21, at the Marion High School sports complex!

This school year, MCS joined an exclusive group of schools across the state participating in Champions Together, an exciting partnership between the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Special Olympics, which offers students of all abilities the opportunity to participate in athletics together. Young Champions is a partner program that aims to help children explore physical activities and sports, and to develop skills for future participation in athletic training and competition. The Young Champions program promotes learning, achievement, and enjoyment of physical activity and athletics.

The Little Feet Meet is a fun-filled event for students in preschool through eighth grade and their families. Coming the day after school ends for MCS students, the Little Feet Meet is a great way to kick off an active summer! There will be five track event stations for participants, with kids separated by age, 3 to 7 and 8 to 14. There will also be lunch available (hot dogs, popcorn, water), goodie bags for participants, and other fun activities. 

The Little Feet Meet begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 21, at Dick Lootens Stadium at Marion High School, and it will run through noon.

Registration for this event has now been opened up to ALL Marion kids! Registration is required in advance, though there is no cost to participate. 

The registration deadline has been extended, but we are asking that you register your child as soon as possible if you wish to participate.

We hope to see you here! For more information, contact the MCS Special Services Department, 662-2546.

MCS, CSA partner for Arts Academy

Posted on May. 05 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Marion Community Schools and the Marion Community School of the Arts have entered into an exclusive cooperative agreement to provide a unique opportunity for students who are pursuing intensive, pre-professional arts training: an educational program that can be tailored to their needs, combining online and on-site academics with support from MCS staff, along with extra-curricular opportunities.

“Research shows that students who are engaged with the arts are more likely to attend and do well in college, to get a job, to volunteer in their community, and to engage in other civic activities. In short, they are more likely to find success throughout their lives, and to make a difference in their world,” CSA Executive Director Katie Morgan said. “The CSA Arts Academy ensures that students who are choosing to pursue a potential career in the arts don’t lose out on the things that the traditional high schooler gets to experience. This opportunity is helping to shape well-rounded, successful young people who have connection to Marion, Indiana. It is bringing a new energy to our schools and our community.”

The Marion CSA already has students traveling from around the state and as far away as Kansas City to participate in their intensive arts training. Students like this often utilize online learning or home schooling options to make this intensive pre-professional arts study possible. But unlike other online or homeschool learning options, the CSA Arts Academy, in cooperation with Marion Community Schools, not only offers a customized curriculum tailored to each individual student, but much more.

CSA Arts Academy students are enrolled as Marion Community Schools students, and they are connected with a teacher of record for their self-guided online courses. This means that they have resources not normally available through most online learning options, which most often put the burden on the student to keep up with lessons, and to find additional external help if they struggle with coursework. From one-on-one discussions with the teacher, to tutoring options, to help with scheduling and more, CSA Arts Academy students have help that other online programs just can’t offer.

In addition, though, CSA Arts Academy students have the option to take honors and Advanced Placement and dual credit classes on-site at Marion High School, and to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. MHS offers dozens of early college credit opportunities, all of which are open to CSA Arts Academy students. And MHS has dozens of athletic teams and student organizations that are also all open to participation by CSA Arts Academy students.

The CSA Arts Academy, in cooperation with Marion Community Schools, truly offers the best of both worlds to its students: high quality pre-professional arts training and a high quality academic program, along with the traditional high school experiences — things like being inducted into honor societies, cheering with fellow students at the big game, going to prom, and even participating graduation ceremonies — that pre-professional arts students often have to sacrifice to make their intensive arts training possible.

The program is a fast-paced, intensive program best suited for high performing, serious pre-professional arts students.

“The CSA Arts Academy makes it possible for students participating in pre-professional arts education including, but not limited to, the CSA Theatre compANY and CSA’s Dancers Edge Company, the flexibility in academic courses to dedicate the time to the training, traveling and auditioning required at this advanced level of study,” Marion CSA Artistic Director Shelly Inskeep said.   

At Marion High School, this partnership is just one example of how our online and on-site learning options can be tailored to fit the needs of many different types of students with a wide variety of needs.

“Not only does this innovative partnership with CSA benefit the students involved, but it is a great opportunity for our school and our community,” MHS Principal Keith Burke said. “It adds dedicated, passionate, hard-working students to our school population, and it gives them opportunities they might otherwise not have had. It’s a win-win for all involved.”

Marion CSA believes this exclusive partnership will be a major recruiting tool to bring arts students and their families to Marion.

"This program, within the first year, has proven to be a recruiting incentive for students interested in the high-quality dance and theater training offered at CSA, as well as the excellent academic opportunities that MHS has to offer, with students enrolling from all across Indiana, and the Midwest,” said Marion CSA Executive Director Katie Morgan. “City officials and community leaders have expressed their support for the CSA Arts Academy, as this partnership has the potential to incentivize families choosing whether or not to live and work in Marion. Our vision is to ignite a community of potential through arts and creativity, and this program does that."

This innovative partnership is just one of the ways Marion Community Schools is tailoring options for our students, helping to give them a platform to build on regardless of what the next stage of their life has in store. We aim to equip every Marion High School graduate to make a GIANT difference in our community, and beyond.

“Our students are why Marion Community Schools exists, and providing our students our best is our cause. We are Marion COMMUNITY Schools, and it is important to engage our community assets to make good happen for our students as we train them to become giants in life and in service to others,” MCS Superintendent Brad Lindsay said. “Marion Community Schools and the Marion Community School of the Arts are a winning combination, and the CSA Arts Academy is another distinctive in which the people and city of Marion can take much pride.”

NOTE: Marion CSA will have an informational meeting about the Arts Academy at 6 p.m. June 16 at their building in downtown Marion. Click on the link above for location and contact information and more.

Kindness Awards put outstanding MCS students, staff in the spotlight

Posted on May. 03 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Eight students — one from each of our schools — earned a special honor at the MCS Kindness Rally last week: the third annual Student Kindness Awards. New this year, eight staff members, — one from each school — were also honored.

Marion Community Schools believes that simple acts of kindness have the power to change our classrooms, our schools, our community, and the world. Because of that, we truly believe the Kindness Awards are some of the highest honors we can bestow. The 2016 Kindness Awards were presented during the Chain Reaction Ceremony at the fourth annual Kindness Rally on April 29, 2016, at MHS's Bill Green Arena. The staff at each school picked one student who embodied the spirit of kindness, and who consistently exhibited everyday kindness to those around them. The staff members honored were nominated by their colleagues and students.

Left to right: MCS Safety Director Justine Pond; Mea Lindsay, Tucker Career and Tech Center's 2016 Student Kindness Award honoree; Deshan'a Lindsey, MHS honoree; Allen Elementary social worker Lori Brane; Victoria Plunket, McCulloch Junior High honoree; McCulloch junior high social worker Angela Schenck; Ceceilia Mullen, Justice Intermediate honoree; Justice interventionist Nancy Miller, Jayce Flemmons, Riverview Elementary honoree; Justice social worker Anita Brown; Grace Chandler, Kendall Elementary honoree; Kyliegh Yeakle, Allen Elementary honoree. (Not pictured: Alora O'Donnell, Frances Slocum honoree.)

Here are the students who earned the 2016 Student Kindness Awards, and a little bit about why they were chosen:
  • Allen Elementary School: Kyliegh Yeakle is a quiet mannered child who will help anyone in need.  She is thoughtful, creative, fun, and never says a negative word. Kyliegh works well in groups and is a helper to her teacher. She always pitches in to clean up in class and encourage others. When in groups, Kyliegh makes other feel good. She builds up adults and students. Kindness is a character trait that Kyliegh displays each and every day.
  • Frances Slocum Elementary School: Alora O'Donnell is one of the kindest students we have at Frances Slocum Elementary. Kindness, by definition, is "the state of being kind" or better put, "of a good or benevolent nature". Alora is, by nature, a kind, gentle and caring young lady. She is attentive to those around her, and shows tender help to everyone, regardless of who they are. Alora has a sweet way of never making anyone feel embarrassed if they are in need. Our classroom and our school are much better places because we have Alora O'Donnell with us.
  • Kendall Elementary School: Grace Chandler’s strengths include empathy, listening, helpfulness, compassion, encouragement, supportiveness, caring, and cooperation. Grace created the Kindness Kids Club at Kendall. They visited Lutheran Children’s Hospital in Fort Wayne to deliver books donated by the Kendall family. The Kindness Kids Club also visited patients, read books, and did holiday crafts with the patients. Grace approaches any and every situation with others in mind. Grace has made a positive impact by creating the Kindness Kids Club. She has invited the entire school to participate in the book drive for the hospital and the card drive for Miller’s Merry Manor. Grace also wrote a $500 grant for The Salvation Army.
  • Riverview Elementary School: Jayce Flemmons is an amazing student. She is always willing to do her best and encourages other students to do their best too. Jayce consistently models good behavior and study skills for her peers. Jayce leads groups without being “bossy” to her group mates. Jayce displays kindness when helping students with their work, playing with new students at recess, and sitting with them at lunch. Jayce also makes cards for her peers when they are having personal issues. Jayce is the type of student any teacher would love having in class. She is funny, sweet, and insightful. She never gets upset and always tries to make others feel appreciated.
  • Justice Intermediate School: Ceceilia Mullen always leads by example. She is a model student in all ways. Ceceilia is always the first to volunteer to help. She is always herself and doesn’t let others sway her mood, morals, or beliefs. That is very hard for someone her age. Cecilia is always kind and thoughtful of all around her. She ignores negativity around her, stands up for her peers, and speaks out when necessary. Ceceilia has been witnessed sticking up for students when others were putting them down. She picks ups books when they are knocked out of someone’s hand, and she talks to adults with confidence when she knows something isn’t right and a student needs help. Ceceilia is one of the top clarinet players in band this year, in talent/ability, leadership, and behavior — a package deal! Ceceilia is always the first to help someone with the everyday things that become the most meaningful — a sweet smile, helping a student with their locker, giving a hug, advice, or just to listen. Ceceilia is a great role model of being in control of her behavior, emotions, and actions. She is caring, mature, compassionate, and has a big heart for others.
  • McCulloch Junior High School: Victoria Plunket is the type of person that will listen to you when you need a friend. She will always stand up for the "underdog." If she observes someone being mistreated she steps in to the defend them. Victoria can always make you laugh and put a smile on your face. She is a loyal friend. She has been a positive role model and good leader in the class and out. She displays kindness every day by just saying “Hi” and acknowledging others. Victoria’s good-hearted nature, love of others, and ability to stand up for what is right is what makes her our Kindness Award recipient.
  • Marion High School: Dezhan’a Lindsey’s outstanding qualities include empathy, listening, and helpfulness. She also has a willing spirit. Dezhan’a stands out as a positive role model with a great work ethic and high morals. She often speaks of these things in front of other students, not something everyone has the courage to do. Just recently Dezhan’a found a girl crying in the hallway and brought her into the library, calming her down, listening, asking her what was wrong. She was so kind and thoughtful of this student. Dezhan’a is extremely mature and an absolute pleasure. She always has a smile and a willingness to help others in any way.
  • Tucker Career and Technology Center: Mea Lindsey is an outstanding student who has excellent communication skills and is always willing to help other students out when they are struggling on a particular assignment. Mea is always willing to pitch in and do her part to assist in the flow of the classroom. Mea is a good leader and always encourages students to do their best. Mea recently displayed support to a friend who was struggling with personal issues. Mea was able to listen and support the student. Mea has patience and will take the time to explain assignments to help other students understand the assignment. Mea is a pleasure to have in class.

Left to right: Gabe Galvin, Tucker Career and Tech Center's 2016 Staff Kindness Award honoree; Kristy Sisson, Riverview Elementary honoree; Erin Verilion, Kendall Elementary honoree; Kelly Bare, Justice Intermediate honoree; Judy Warner, Allen Elementary honoree; Vicky Lakes, Frances Slocum Elementary honoree;  MCS Superintendent Brad Lindsay. (Not pictured: Aimee Williams, McCulloch Junior High honoree; and Natalie Wierenga, MHS honoree.)
Here are the staff members who earned the 2016 Staff Kindness Awards, and a little bit about why they were chosen:
  • Allen Elementary School: Judy Warner has had numerous positions at Allen. The students love her, and she loves all our students. Judy seeks out students that need extra love and makes them feel special. Judy goes above and beyond her job, never complains, always has a smile on her face. Allen has been blessed to have such an amazing person. We all love you Judy! Here are some of the words used to describe Judy:
    • Joyful
    • Utterly amazing
    • Dependable
    • Yes she can!
    • Wonderful
    • Awesome
    • Ready to go!
    • Nice not naughty
    • Extraordinary
    • Reliable
  • Frances Slocum Elementary School: Vicky Lakes. Trying to find words that will fully explain Vicky is very difficult. Her compassion for her students is amazing. She spends countless hours going above and beyond the school day, working with her students that are physically unable to attend school during normal hours — and NEVER complains! Instead we hear her talking about how proud she is of the strides they are making! Her humor is the bright spot in the day for many of our staff. Her complete commitment to Frances Slocum, her students and our staff are an inspiration!  Vicky, we love you and we are thankful for you every day! You are B.R.A.V.E!
  • Kendall Elementary School: Erin Vermilion. Words from students:
    • “Mrs. Vermilion is always there for me no matter what. She helps kids. She is kind and loving. She is a good teacher and no matter what she is kind and loving. She is like our mom.”
    • “I think Mrs. Vermilion is a kind person, and I am thankful she is here because she likes to make sure students are OK if they fall down. She is also a good person because she helps students when they need help. Not only does she help students but she also helps teachers and staff members.”
    • “Mrs. Vermilion teaches us, and Mrs. Vermilion keeps us safe so others won’t get hurt.”
    • “When you need her she is always there. You could have a down day and she will flip it around.”
  • Riverview Elementary School: Kristy Sisson. Words from students:
    • “I saw Mrs. Sisson being kind to another kid when she was crying about her grandma not hugging her, so Mrs. Sission said that she was a grandmother and she hugged her."
    • "Mrs. Sisson always listens to me.”
    • “Mrs. Sisson displays kindness by helping kids at school. She says good morning when school starts. When I have an off day she cheers me up. She is so nice and very, very kind. Every time I see Mrs. Sisson she makes me happy, and every day she puts a smile on my face. She is super nice and holds the door for people. I bet she has made everyone happy.”
    • “Every single day Mrs. Sisson is kind to us.”
    • “Mrs. Sisson is very kind to me and helps me up when I fall.”
  • Justice Intermediate School: Kelly Bare. Words from students:
    • “I’d like to nominate Mrs. Bare because she is the most kindest person I know. Even though she may have a bad day, she is still polite and respects everybody. When I have problems with my flute or with music notes she always helps me. When I’m having a bad day Mrs. Bare greets me with a smile and helps me stay positive. She’s like a second mother to me, and she cares for others as if they were her children. Mrs. Bare is the most sweetest, responsible, and the most respectful person I know.”
    • “Mrs. Bare has displayed kindness by always being there for you and giving you a smile when you walk in the door.”
    • “Mrs. Bare is always kind and respectful. She helps her students and also makes sure they have fun.”
    • “Mrs. Bare is always kind and always makes sure I know what I’m doing before I do it.  If she uses my instrument for something she lets me know immediately. She is always smiling and never fails to make me smile.”
  • McCulloch Junior High School: Aimee Williams.  Words from students:
    • “Ms. Williams has displayed many acts of kindness. When a student needed it, she took time out of her day to sew a student’s jacket sleeve because it ripped. She thinks highly of us and makes sure we know it. She shows us respect.”
    • “Ms. Williams helped me through so much. She helped me when I didn’t understand a problem or a situation. Ms. Williams always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling sad. She’s like a second mom. She’s my best friend just without the sleepovers.”
    • “When people were writing things about me or my girlfriend she was there for me. She helped me with my parent situation when I was acting out towards other people. I still do, but more or less she was there for me and is like an aunt to me so thank you Ms. Williams. I appreciate you.”
    • “She is a teacher I really don’t want to lose.”
    • “She inspires me to keep pushing forward. She is my favorite teacher. Bless you Ms. Williams.”
    • “Ms. Williams has displayed kindness to me by helping me out with my work if I don’t understand it. She helps me out when I get mad, she helps me not to fight, and she just helped me out through eighth grade and I just want to thank her for it through this nomination. Thank you Ms. Williams. You’re the best teacher I’ve had through the eighth grade.”
    • “Ms. Williams has shown kindness to all of us students. When she sees that something is wrong she drops everything she is doing to try and fix the problem. She asks certain kids if they are OK just because she cares so much. She is kind and nice. She helps you with your issues. There isn’t anything else to say other than she’s the best teacher you could ever have, the nicest person you could ever meet.”
  • Marion High School: Natalie Wierenga. Words from students:
    • “Ms. Wierenga has displayed kindness and patience throughout the entire school year.  She’s habitually cheerful and understanding and shows interest in the lives and opinions of all her students. I’ve been in her class all year and the first semester I was put in with a very obedient class while this semester it is definitely not the case. Regardless, she keeps her cool and still manages to satisfy whatever need for attention any student has.  She is a very thoughtful teacher, and it’s clear that she cares for her students and enjoys seeing them happy. There are others in the building who are wonderful instructors, but I’ve never witnessed the same kindness and understanding that she displays daily without exceptions. I believe that the kindness award should go to someone who shows the kindness of their character every single day. Ms. Wierenga has taught me just as much about respect and equality as she has English, and I have grown as a person since the beginning of the year.”
  • Tucker Career and Technology Center: Gabe Galvan is a hard working teacher who is completely dedicated to his students. Before making a decision or creating a lesson plan Gabe asks the following question: How will this decision benefit students? Gabe is always calling home or communicating with the student’s home school as soon as a student starts to struggle. When surveying the students, they always list Gabe as a positive role model.
The annual Kindness Rally is a way for us to celebrate everyday acts of kindness and the difference they can make. We thank those who participated in the Chain Reaction Ceremony, and we hope everyone had a great time at the carnival that followed!

Let's all pledge to keep the chain reaction of kindness going!

On the Calendar

Here's a look at some of the big events coming up at Marion around the district.
(For more events, click here to check out the full calendar, where you can see events at one school building at a time or elect to see all events in the district. Just use the pull-down menu at the top of the calendar!)

  • ISTEP+ Part 2 testing window: Monday, April 18, through Friday, May 6. Testing window is established by the IDOE; for specific information about when your student will be testing, please watch for information from your school.
  • All-City Art Show: The annual Marion Community Schools All-City Art Show is set for the 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. May 13, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 14 (awards reception following) in the Walton Performing Arts Center. This show features artwork from students of all ages. 
  • Last day of school for students: Friday, May 20. (NOTE: If school days are canceled for weather or any other reason, the school year will be extended. We will update calendars and communicate with families if this is the case.)
  • MHS Class of 2016 Commencement: 2:30 p.m. Sunday, June 5, Bill Green Arena @ MHS. 
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